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I have headache in right side of head for a happened once in a month or some time weekly.last time it was severe unbearable with nausea vomiting .so i took paracetamol with motilium...when i got tense...or meet people idont want to....the pain arises i have a son age 2.5 so its difficult for me to take care of him.with this severe there any treatment to cure this pain.

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Your headache can be cured
You have always mild discomfort along with pressure like feeling
Discomfort along neck and shoulder with arm numbers
If you are interested in getting rid of headache
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There are many ways to treat migrain.
1. Avoid the precipitants.
2. Take any pain killer that suits you well.
3. Take tab Topagen 25 mg daily at night for two weeks. After two weeks increase to 50mg daily at night for next 4 weeks.
4. You should consult me or any other neurologist after 4 weeks from today.

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