Fatty Liver,

As my Previous Medical record as I had suffer from Peptic ulcer then I recover thanks to almighty ALLAH, I had a fatty liver even I don't use much diet I took 2 times diet like break fast and avoid hoteling and other stuff but still weight is gaining one thing most panic for me at the age of 33 I having white bread hairs and my hairs starts getting white at the age of 22 therefore after getting married at the age of 24 I start using hair colours it also effect my scalp and my hairs starts falling even now there are few left I'm finding a ray of hope that does I have hormonal imbalance problem as I had tired many biotin imported medicines kindly guide me to the right way My self Babar Khan Contact 03334777826 Currently living in Karachi

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You should consult Dermatologist for expert opinion.

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Aoa may take cap fit fibre 2 thrice a day before meals

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DrNaeem Chaudry

take half an hour exercise daily
take 15 glasses of water daily but no water one hour before and after meal
take 3 glasses of water on getting up in morning
forget about whitening of hairs
try to accept those things which are unchangeable
Take least possible food

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Consult a dermatologist for hair whitening .

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