Muscular Imbalancement

I am doing body building from last 2 years ,but from last 6 months i didn't went to gym.Because my left side of body is not gaining much muscles size as right side of body muscles? what should i do to get equal size ?

Muhammad Israr Khan

PHD in Human Nutrition | Islamabad

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Well... Body building is very complex activity and only exercise id not enough for building body mass. You need complete diet plan which should provide you all the essential nutrients including carbs, protiens and vitimans. We can prepare a diet plan for you which will help you grow muscles in a balanced way. For further details, you can call our nutritionist on 03005883289, 03335993630, 03465616222.


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Thanks Sir, But there is imbalancement in my chest muscles and shoulder muscles which can be seen by naked eyes. My right shoulder is more energetic and massive than left shoulder, and left chest pec is also weaker and less massive than right chest pec. Please tell me the solution about this problem,or give suggestion.

9 months ago

Mirza Faheem Ahmad

You should contact to your gym trainer. There is a possibility of unequal
wait shifting on your body during work out. If this issue was present
before joining the gym then contact any physio for further help.

Danyal Ahmad

BSPT (KE) PPDPT (RIU) | Lahore

Stop body building and have appointment with me for detailed examination.

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