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The other day i worked in kitchen for about 2 hours.i had my lunch then..then i had some rest..but i felt my head very heavy, it was not an headache .my head was actually very heavy like i was feeling weight of my own ponytail.i got my bp checked and it was 90/50.. i went to sleep then .woke up and had dinner.. later that night i had swear headache..did vomit..then had the medicine my doc prescribed me for migraine.. even though it was not migraine but it was not an ordinary headache day i had my breakfast at 8.. at 12 i had milk and boiled egg... but still at 3:30 i felt like my bones are getting cold and i was feeling very weak and shivering so i got my bp check it was 80/60.. i did that pregnancy test it was negative... my question is that what should i do.. like is it that much of a thing to be get checked by doctor if so which doctor? Or whether it was just because of warm weather or so and i dont need to take it seriously

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Aoa thank you and you must consult a competent physician for diagnosis and treatment

Anonymous Thank u doctor ... ok i ll in sha Allah

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Get your self evaluated for Adrenal insufficiency.

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