Bilateral Epidedimititis

A.o.A I am suffering from pain which starts from back side of my right testicle and ends somewhere near to my kidney area. I have to take pain killer after every 1 or 2 days. I have consulted Dr. and he said I have Prostate Infection and for that I have been passing through Antibiotics courses from last 2+ months but still there is no relief in pain. There was "Staph Spp" infection in Semen Culture while Semen quality and count was pretty much normal. Kidneys showed fine in ultrasound report, No Vericoceles and No testicular troision. Mildly swollen epidedymitits, therefore, ultrasound conclusion was Bilateral Epidedymititis. Can you please advice what should I do further for pain relief? As I am tired to medicines and their side effects showing up. Should I consider going for some more tests? I am afraid of Prostate Cancer, but according to my dr. he is very much sure after physical examination that I am not suffering from that disease. Its severe infection and it will take time t


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This was my Semen Culture report


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This was the ultrasound report

Dr. Sajid Iqbal

I think your age is 29 so dont worry regarding prostate cancer it usually
disease of old age.. prostatis is common in your age and you have alreday
taken lots of medicine and m sure you have taken according to sensitivity
of semen culture report...
Consult me for further examination
And wear tight underwear continuously it ll keep you pain free and start
Cap.mobikare sr 100mg two time
Tab.danzen ds 3 time
For 5days

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