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Im a mother of a two years old. An engineer who has worked for four years, three years ago. I have been forgetting things lately and i think it is not just because i'm a mother. For example i have to change my passwords every time i logon, i cant recall my pin code sometimes even though i use it very frequently. I can't recall the page i read just five minutes ago can't explain it in two line summary. Am I overthinking or it could be an issue, medically speaking? I have been stressed last few months but this forgetfulness has been going on long before that. I want to get back working but I don't know what can i do to improve the situation. I do some concentration exercises sometimes, I don't know if they really work.

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Kindly answer these
Do you have these symptoms

Pressure around eye and head
Neck and shoulder pain
Arm and leg numbess
Balance problem

Anonymous Headaches yes, i sometimes have very sharp pains , for a few seconds. Also i had mu wisdom tooth removed a few weeks ago which had a big cavity underneath so those aches could be because of that. Our doctor has ruled out the tumor,though. Also, pressure around shoulder and neck, i wont call that pain , it just feels like i cant relax my muscles. But that also is not very frequent

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