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Can we feel pregnancy symptoms as ealry as 4th week after lmp?? My last date was 5th July, and my cycle is usually of 30-34 days. But since a week back I am facing symptoms like nausea, dizziness, mood swings etc. Secondly, after delivering my first born 2yrs back my cycle does gets prolonged sometimes, so I wont be sure of a missed period till 10 -15th august. I have to travel by air for a 2hr flight on 11th, will it be safe if i am actually expecting?

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Dr. Asima Fazal Can you please help

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Early pregnancy symptoms and symptoms just before a period are very similar like lower abdominal pain, breast tenderness, nausea , dizziness so it is difficult to know if it is pregnancy or not. You may try using a home pregnancy strip test which sometimes comes positive earlier but still it will not be confirmed. Regarding a 2 hour flight it should not be a problem even if you are expecting. Wishing you all the best.

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