nails breakage, and hair growth slow

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my hand and foot nail growth is too slow, and as they grow they easily get broke , even with hand . . secondly I used to have good thick hair Bt from last few years they r falling too much and they don't grow in length

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Make sure your diet has adequate levels of foods that contain Vitamin A and E. Also make sure you are spending some time in the sun each day. Vitamin D is important as well. Has there been any major weight loss in the past few months or any major stress event? You may also want to visit a dermatologist and make sure you do not have a nail fungus as well.

Anonymous I feel all time lazy , am underweight, yes I lost weight Bt have fats, last year I took stress Bt the issues r from last 5years

Angela Marie Sadiqua Being underweight can inhibit hair growth, as well as affecting the nails and skin. If you been underweight and low on energy for the last 5 years, you need to find a new physician and go for a complete physical. Make sure that there is no underlying condition causing your problems. Also make sure that you are not suffering from depression. If you are, you need to get treatment along with regular counselling to deal with diet, lifestyle, and psychological issues.

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my height is 5*9 and I have joints pain all the time

Angela Marie Sadiqua Please feel free to come in for a consultation. You have issues that can not be solved through an online forum. 03349176288 is my appointment number.

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