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Asking for Self, Female, 26 years old, Karachi

Hello teeth are yellow and that too with spots.they look so ugly.what can i do to make them white.please am getting married in march and .very nervous about it.please help.

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can u please post picture ?

Anonymous I can post a picture ma'am but dont know how to post the picture in this reply. should i make another post with picture so that you can have an idea?it'd be so kind of you if you can take a look please.

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Assalam o alikum miss. Seems like you need a teeth whitening session to improve the shade and clearout the spots from your teeth. Its a painless procedure aiming at improving the teeth overall color and lightening any spots even if those are inside the tooth surface.

Anonymous Walaikum asalam.ok sir i'll do that but please if you can tell me the overall cost so that i can have an idea and i am from karachi so please tell from where i should get this procedure done.

Dr. Muhammad Ahad Shabbir The cost varies from dentist to dentist and procedure to procedure. It can cost you between 15 to 25 k at a mediocre price point.

Anonymous Thank you so much for taking out time and replying to my so greatfull to you.

Dr. Muhammad Ahad Shabbir I hope i helped. You're very welcome.

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