Puss Cell Problem

aoa all respected doctora my ammi is a diabetic patients and mostly her sugar level is above the normal range sometimes a bit high sometimes very high.. my mother has puss cell problem last year she injected sulzone and another high dose injections too but always results in numerous puss cell.. last year her kidneys also failed but with two times dylasis it started working again Alhamdu lillah.. my question is that how this puss cell problem will be solved?? after many high dose injections her test always results in numerous puss cell.. kindly help us please

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Aoa thank you and she needs a thorough checking alongside urine cultures, mycobacterium testing wig urodynamic studies

Best regards,
Professor Javed Akram,
Vice Chancellor,
Shaheed Zulifqar Ali Bhutto Medical University & CEO PIMS, Islamabad, Pakistan
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great ans by great prof thank u sir

11 months ago

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Aoa dear,diabetic patients are always prone to infection,and urinary tract
infections are very common among them,first step is to maintain a perfect
sugar control,stop watever antibiotic she is taking for atleast 7 days and
undergo a fresh blood and urine culture test and send me the result.

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how to send the pic of culture urine test as there is no attachement option here

11 months ago

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Dear patient i need complet profile of ur mother her age her recent sugar
level and hba1c test results... n do cultur sensitvity teat for puss cells
. Its a common problem n diabetic patient so i can advic some thing after
these results. Thanks

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MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), Fellow of Gastroenterology | Lahore

we need good blood sugar control....plus you should go for urine culture and sensitivity before starting any medication.....so that exact antibiotic be given....recurrent UTI is a common problem in females and need other measures t

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aoa please get her ultra sound of abdomen for kidneys .and IVU for kidney .there may be sourse still in u tract for infection bettter to investigate.

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Raja Fayyaz

AoA sir
mujy kuch months sy bvaseer hai ....pain b hai r bleading b hai....so plzz sujest me any mdicene...i will be very thank full to you

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