Tube ligation

Asking For Someone Else, Female, 35 years old, Pakistan

I want to know how much cost is tube ligation and its safe after tube ligation to getting pregnant again

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Tubal ligation is safe procedure... And chances are very very low to get pregnant again...

Anonymous Sir its cost?

Dr. Muhammad Usman Free of cost from Govt. Reproductive health services... Dont know charges in pvt. Setup...

Anonymous Dear sir I want to tube ligation reversal for someone not only tube ligation

Dr. Muhammad Usman You can inbox me...

Anonymous Dr Usman Sb Pls ur number?

Dr. Muhammad Usman

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Dear sir tube ligation cost Pls???

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Tubal ligation is safe and permanent method of contraception..its free of cost at govt hosp ..dnt knw about private hosp...and its not risk free to get pregnant after recanalization of tubes as it increases chance of pregnancy outside uterus so better plan some other methods or use it when u have completed ur family

Anonymous Sorry dear I'm wrong to explain it to you but I want tube ligation reversal for my wife

Dr. Hina Sami Tubal reversal/recanalization not done in govt hospitals and only done in some private hospitals quite xpensive and with reduced chances of fertility and increased chance of ectopic(tubal)pregnancy..higher failure rate

shoaib I viewed a Post From Imranz Clinic .They offer For Rs15000 Course.

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it is the safest cost c be discussed

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