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Dear doctor(s), I am a transwoman living in Lahore. I have been living full-time as a woman for nearly 6 years now. I have had hormones since almost 8 years and have also had double orchedectomy about 2 year ago. As much as I wish to, unfortunately I feel that I will never be able to afford the gender reassignment surgery procedure. It is too expensive abroad for me to ever afford, and is just as unaffordable for me here in Pakistan and that too if I can find a doctor capable and/or experienced or willing willing enough to do it. I am however now considering getting a penectomy. I may not be able to ever fully live as a woman, but living with something very unequivocally male between my legs is a very distressing for me. Will someone please tell me of any experienced &/or capable urologist who will conduct the surgery? And their fee? Not being able to find a good doctor who is willing and affordable is what leads many transwomen to die at the hands of their gurus. Please,

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is it possible for you to visit me at my clinic?

Anonymous It is. But please, will you tell me what your consultation fee is?

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Its just not a surgery, its about a whole new personality. If its about a urologist/andrologist recommendation then Marham team would be guide you for that. But right now you should be considering options where you would be going through a psychiatric reassignment too, social acceptance as a new person and above all the expectations you may develop as a woman. This is going to demand many issues for which you should read and learn prior to opting for it. It is just not gender selecting surgery, it requires multiple steps to go ahead.

Anonymous Thankyou very much for your concern. It is probably proper for you to ask this as to make sure I understand this well and perhaps also to accertain my willingness. As should be evident from my post. I have considered all this very thoroughly. And am past considering how it "might" affect my life living as a woman. I have already been living full time as a woman since 6 years now (for more when adding, if i could use the word "part time" here) I had already made my decision way before I started taking hormones back in 2008 and even more clear when having had orchedectomy. I have been through psychotherapy and an endocrinologist prescribing me hormones (though I did self medicate in the begining, but that too not for lack of trying to find a doctor at the time). So please, I have made it through all the standards of care and now wish for surgery. This is now very much about finding a highly capable plus willing plus affordable doctor. Preferably a urologist who'd know much about all the

Anonymous Affordability and willingness are key reasons I'm posting this here and not going out consulting every urologist &/or plastic surgeon out there in private practice, because I am unfortunately very poor at the moment; every doctor in private practice has a fee of 1000-3000 even if I were to take 5 minutes of their time. So I need to know how much money it will take and which doctor to go to without the need to bear that cost of consultation beforehand. I doubt if this surgery will be (or at least am hoping that it won't be) very very expensive. The plastic surgeon who did orchedectomy was willing to do gender realignment surgery for 100,000. But as much faith as I had in him for orchedectomy, I had none in him for GRS. Nor for penectomy.

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