Numbness In Hand Fingers

My wife delivered a baby girl on March 10, 2017, during eighth month of pregnancy her hands fell in sleep and started to pain in hands till elbow and became very painful. After delivering a baby pain gone but her middle finger of right hand still numbed whole time and whenever she started any work her fingers of both hands get numbed, can you please guide is it normal will go away after sometime or need to consult a doctor. thanks

Dr. Muhammad Masood

she might be suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome...needs general or orthopaedic surgeon consultation

Dr. Mukesh Kumar

Well it requires examination as cervical spine exam and detailed
neurological exam of the limb is required before making any diagnosis. So
please consult for exam and investigation(if required).

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Mirza

It happened in few females during pregnancy. No worry.just use tab
metycobal and acenac 100mg both s ubah sham for few days if not recovered
then inform me


Post Owner

Thanks for your quick response, Yesterday 29.03.2017 I consult general physician and surgeon he recommended to use Proxen 250 gm two times a day for three days, mecovate tablet and syrup once in a day for seven days. what is your suggestion about it. thanks Raja Aurongzeb

1 year ago


Post Owner

Sir, I acted as per your advice, but there is 5% improvement, what you suggest now. thanks Raja Aurongzeb

1 year ago

Dr. Mohammad Waqas

Dear get an MRI cervical spine of your wife and consult doctor either interventional pain specialist, physiotherapist or neurophysician

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