Pain In Left Testicle

hey! my brother is suffering with pain in left testicle, he can feel the veins with his fingers, some veins are swelled too, please suggest medicine/exercise or diet.. thanks

Dr. Nauman Ahmed

AOA. according to your deacription your brother is suffering from varicocele. but to make proper diagnosis i need to check him personally.for that you can visit me.

Dr. Muhammad Tahir Bashir Malik

FRCS (Urology) FCPS(Urology) FACS,MCPS,MBBS | Faisalabad


We say it varicocele. And if it's giving pain , it's better to get it operated.
However , before operation , he must get an ultrasound of scrotum as well as semen test (with a gap of 3-5 days in intercourse).

Thanks & Best Regards ,

Dr.Muhammad Tahir Bashir Malik FCPS(Urol),FRCS(Urol)

Assistant Professor Urology
University Medical & Dental College,
Madina Teaching Hospital,Faisalabad



Post Owner

Thank you for your response, he is much fine now, No Pain, No Veins to hurt. But, he was telling his left side is now downer than right testicle, So? Is there still any problem or not ? kindly tell me to finalize it for further process. thanks sir :)

11 months ago

Dr. Kashif Ikram

It is called varicocele needs operation .confirm on dopler usg



Im also facing the same problem . I had a pain in my left testical a year ago. And now i find my left testical lower than the right one . Is my teatical dead or it can still be operated and get fixed? Due to it i think my penis size has reduced a bit when it is in a relaxed position. And not much hard erections like before. Could you pls let me know that will my erection problem get fixed after i get it operated? Please remember that it happened to me a year ago.

11 months ago

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