When we not sure abt our pregancny ,what kinda medicines we shoul

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So, my question is, i got married 4 months ago.but we planned to start our family like few weeks ago.i've got a problem of getting acne after wax. So 2 months ago i went to dermatologist for this probmem and started some medicines for it.And now, as we planning to start our family. Should i still continue eating these medicines. Coz, i don't know, if i get pregnant and i don't know, still eating such medicines could b harmful in that situation or not? One of the medicines name is ,Vitaleno,dietary supplement, and the other medicine is for removing acne spots, Glutin,glutathione 500 mg. Plus one more question, if i feel flu, headache or such kinda illness, should i use panadol paracetamol etc, when I'm not sure, whether I'm pregnant or not.

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its better to stop these medicine and start taking tab myfol 1 daily
you can ask your dermatologist to prescribe some ointments for local use.
yes you can take 2 panadol for headache etc

Marham Admin Thank you Dr Qurat ul Ain for your guidance.

Anonymous thank u so much dr. :) this myfol is for my after wax acne problem?

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Ideally When ever you are planning pregnancy you should be in good health and on no medication
If some medication is important
Then at that time the dr must be consulted preferably your gynaecologist to assess your condition
Prof shaheena asif

Marham Admin Thank you for guidance Dr Shaheena Asif.

Anonymous hh

Anonymous thank u so much Mam for ur advice :) i wont take these medicines from now on :)

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It would be better if you complete medication for acne and then think about the pregnancy
All medicines are harmful to the fetus in ist three months of pregnancy

Anonymous oh thanks dr :) but i have already left those medicines . tbh, my acne situation is better now Alhamdullilah.coz my skin getting used to wax, bit by bit i think this acne problem after wax getting fixed by itself with the time, as my body getting used to wax. so after the wax on the safe side, i put some Fucidin ointment on my body after wax(hope its not harmful for fetus) to prevent my body from furure acne lol.

Anonymous plus one more thing, i play badminton, and some time football just for is it ok to carry on these kinda games? i wish i get pregnant soon! atleast i could live my life without confusion then!, i literally dont know what to do, and what not to do! lol.and cant ask these kinda things from my thank u so much all team Marham.u guys are really helpful for all of us :) Allah bless u :)

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