Scrotal Area With Suspicious Focal Leison

Ultrsound showed suspicious focal leison plus occasional specs of calcification dr said it may be a tortion which reversed but done the damage now all on one testcle also biopsy recommended by ultrasound dr but other dr says no need yet will go for blood tests ... ga e antibiotics for 10 days .... can someone give me guide for maintaing proper sperm with one testicle to have children plus the tumor thing haunting me now dr says it may be an ultrasound mistake go for it again biopsy he says we eont go for... i ve added ultrasound report of left testicle with problem ( Reports of urine and ultrasound added..


AOA.kindly visit me with your all reports. I also need to physical examine you. my evening clinic is at LIFE LINE HOSPITAL JOHAR TOWN NEAR KHOKHAR CHOWK< LAHORE. contact= 042-32591427,


Proper examination is required by urologist or gen surgeon try to visit
your nearest hospital.


Don't go for biopsy till the confirmation .