During urination, I feel a burn in my urethra. After urination, I feel like there's some liquid inside my urethra and it's building up. It's probably a drop amount of liquid and is trapped inside the urethra. Rarely and very rarely does it come out and that is if I lie down and in no other position does it come out. While it's inside the urethra, it tingles. I stroke my penis after urination to get all urine out. Is this liquid urine? Also, what is this condition? Is it an infection?


Burning is a feature we relate with an infection but the symptom you have told is very common among adolescents and young. This is usually not alarming and is self limiting with age. Although if you think its bothering you, then you can consult a urologist and get urine analysis done to rule out UTIs. It isn't anything to be as such worried about.


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Why then am I bothered by the sensation? It wasn't always like that. Sometimes I feel like it's nerve damage or an issue related to the prostate because whenever pressure builds up in that area, the sensation and the movement of the said liquid increases. Also, I've taken NOVIDAT for this but it didn't help. Once, taking a spoonful of honey got rid of the problem for a few days but once it returned, even honey didn't seem to help. I'm 21. This shouldn't be happening. Kindly elaborate on how this sounds normal.

2 years ago

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