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Excessive Flatulence

For more than a year I am suffering from excessive flatulence (some times even after 15 mins). Recently I had had complete blood tests as well as ultra sound, and both are Normal. My diet is also under control in terms of spices and...

Eye Specialist

Can't Focus Blurry Vision

Its been three days that I am suffering with blurry vision. I have to close my eyes for a second or two to focus on objects. Can anyone tell me why this suddenly happen and what should I do to get rid of this problem.

General Physician


Dear Dr, i am 26 male, i am passing high urine since 2 weeks (approx 5 times a day), and Little high thrist and sensation in legs. couple of days ago took lib test of sugar in fasting from Shokat khanam lab and it was 94, but to...

Ent Specialist

Excessive Sneezing At Morning

I am facing excessive sneezing problem. In morning when I wake up for fajar prayer it's starts after wadoo. I sneeze tens of times consecutively along with running nose. Most of the time when I lay down and cover my nose it stops b...


Gyne Related

Dear drs I have a 4 month baby via c section..after 40 days I didn't get my periods .I am breastfeeding my baby plus on formula feed. We are taking precautions and took strip test also its negative.I consulted to dr and she suggeste...


Vaginal Itchness

Hi salam dr its my 6 month start of pragnancy I have sort of burning in my vaginaa.i went to dr she gave me mixel medicine nd vagimyc cream for infection... as i m having white discharge too Bt the cream is not giving me relief .....


Gyne Related Issue

Hi .. i am 32 years and also breastfeeding my 6 months old ..i am having brown discharge from four days.. my period date is 9th of month ..discharge is not v much ..is it periods or associated with breastfeeding

Orthopedic Surgeon

Ligment Injury

I have a ligment injury on my right foot and when I walk my foot swell after some time and then pain start .I went to a many doctors but there is no recovery and with the passage of time my foot become worse so please please give me...

Neuro Physician

Mid Pain In Right Side Of Head With Numbness

I am feeling minor pain in my right side of head. Feeling right side numb. I am feeling all this since last night.

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