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Cancer Specialist / Oncologist

Allergy Problem

When I get up in the morning after bathing I starting sneezing my nose and water flu and eyes getting red and after hour I felt some better cure. But my allergy is permanently not curing particularly in winter season and this give m...


Right Kidney Side Pain

I have right kidney side pain when I sit long time at bike or chair and also urine burn kindly tell me about my problums

General Physician


On 1st day Pt Hb 12.8 Tlc 7.8 plt 197 2nd day hb 12.8 tlc 3.7plt 117 He is feeling tiredness . and his Mp is negative. Typhidot is negative and dengue is negative . he also feeling nauzia Pls Opinion on this case

General Physician


Is it advisabel for a diabetic patient to use canderel instead of sugar? If not thn please specify any other thing.



Severe upper GIT pain with nausea. Took ranitidine repeatedly for months but no use the problem persist n become more severe with loose motions n cramps


Wisdom Tooth Pain

i have pain in wisdom tooth for past 4-5 days. it has become severe since yesterday and eating is very difficult (on both sides). today morning i took 400mg brufen. pain was relieved a bit but still i had to struggle while eating lu...


Pressure On Chest, Problem During Sleep

Aslamoalaikum, I feel difficulty during sleep due to.Pressure on.my chest .it feels ikelike hear is beating very fast.I some time undergo in depression .My left hand also show slight weakness.please guide.me what should I.do.?

General Physician

Shin Pain

When I run so there is pain in my shins can anyone tell me why this happens???


Heart Palpitations And Sleeping Problem.due To Increased Pressure On Chest

Aslamoalaikum hope everyone is doing well. Due to exams I am under some depression and stressed out. I feel a little pressure on my chest some times and also some weakness in my left arm.it feel more before slep.When I put some pr...

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