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I'm Not Sure If I'm Pregnant

hi there, i've been feeling vibration kinda feeling in my vaginal area for 15,20 days. in beginning it was proper vibration . but now,,it's like pin and needles like sensation in me vagina.my periods haven't arrived yet.my due date...

General Surgeon

Open Cholecystectomy

i had drain tube inserted after surgry for two days drain was below 100ml mark today there was very less drain but my surgeon was out of town his staf after informing him on phone removed the tube.I am bit worried can the early remo...



Thinking about something for last 25 days continuously , every second , cant think about anything else like literally , same thought every minute every second is painful, whenever i try to think something else its still there

General Problems

Chang Tablet

Slam.sir Mai app ka peshant hou aour app ney mujey (PRESIM 10)ki jagh( zanac 0,5 )likiy jo achi sabit hochuki hai.lekan ab zanac Market mai nahi mill rahi hai jis ki waja sey mushkilat bade chukey hai.app mahrbani kar k koi dusra n...

Ent Specialist

Speech Problem

I do not speak properly few letters... may be I have a lisps problem...I have thiz problem from my childhood...I have to get rid of thiz problem... my whole life is disturb... due to thiz I can't speak in front on anyone with confi...


Itching Patches On Fingers

It's been 10 years I am suffering from eczema. It remains silent few months later it becomes active. If I stop using dishwashing and stop chopping onions and tomatoes then it becomes silent. But being a housewife and mother how coul...

Eye Specialist

Dana On My Eye

I have a dana on my right eye skin


Pcos Nd Ttc

Aslam o Alikum.. i m a pcos patient and ttc from 2 years.. with clomid my eggs are always mature with good size... and in start of ttc my husbands sperm motility was 10 with count 30... but now his report is perfect mashaAllah... no...

Internal Medicine

Chikungunya Pain

I was suffered from chikungunya two month ago. The fever was gone in week but pain in my one leg toe was very severe. After two months, I still have pain in fingers and toe, not very bad but night time had problem in sleep due to pa...