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ThinkingToo Much

Mujhy sometimes kisee ki baat thoree der bad feel hoti hy k us nay kaya kaha hy . Or akser aisa hota hy rat ko soty huway yaad ati hy phir puri raat usee ma guzar jati hy k aisa q kiya us nay... ma ny agay se kuch ne kaha. Bus isee...

Orthopedic Surgeon

Back Pain

I am tall 6'1" individual and experiencing back pain like in urdu "chukk" from past two years occasionally. Like yesterday I felt a huge pain when I stood up in the from the chair however it was okay after then. I walked more than u...



I have found problem during sex. please suggest me a doctor related to it??



a female of 15 years having hursuitism and irregular menstrual cycle what rx is given? why glucophage?



How much homeoglobin is normal in prgancy??

Orthopedic Surgeon

Pressure On Centre Of Neck

having pressure on neck below adam apple n its been 20 days not going.. taking medcn like Motillium .. rabecid . gaviscon .. but still bot going


Post Partum Hypertension

15 months postpartum.during pregnancy her bp was high.and now again she'suffering hypertnsion.like 144/106,.is there something to worry about?and also suffering pain in back neck shoulder and headace.


Hemangiomas On Face

My 02 and half year old baby girl is having hemangiomas on her face since birth. Intitally it was small but in early months it got bigger and emerged on her left cheek.We consulted doctors and they suggested us to wait as that was n...


Personal Issue

urgent help needed ASSALAMU ALIKUM ... i urgently want to talk with any gynecologist here . my friend became widow after 1 year of her marriage . her parents forced and she gt married again . her husband is not happy with her he s...