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Psychological Issues

i am married for last 4 yrs (we had love marriage with consent of our parents and before marriage we were friends for 5 yrs), have a 2 yr old kid and now expecting my 2nd one. probaby 1 1/2 months back I caught my husband cheating o...


Sex During Pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy, currently my week is 27, shall we avoid sex till baby birth, or we can do it with some precautions, please advise as my husband sometimes want sex and i don't know if i allow him or not.


Stomach Disease

Before 2 year i have been facing Stomach issue and have lost 8 kg weight my H pylori test was 1.67 doctor said me IBS and told me when u Stop medicine issue again occur after that i took herbal medicine and then homeopathic treatmen...


Missed Periods

17 days earlier i had travelled from USA to Lahore my due date of periods was 2 of this month I always have periods on time but this month 6 days r over i have been trying to conceive I have tried home test that was negative but i t...

General Surgeon

Kidney Stone

Hi i have diagnosed with kifney stone measuring 6.8mm but it reduced to 5.4mm to the latest ultrasound scan. But now these days after urination i started feeling pain in bladder lower back and testicles as well. Some time i feel tha...

General Physician

Head Vibrates

My head is vibrating with my pulse. This is happening since 1 week.



when ihad jaundice,then i got fine but one day i had high fever so i took two tablets of malayria then after that i got ill then i went to the karachi's famouse gastroentoroligist he said i have enlarged spleen nd my Hb went so dow...


Vaginal Constructive Surgry

Kindly tell me...who is best option for vaginal reconstruction surgery...like hymenoplasty.... Gynecologist or plastic/cosmetic surgeon???


Weight Loss Diebetis

I want to loss weight and control my sugar i have hepatitus c problem low bp problem kidney problem depression also