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Internal Medicine

Giltti On Right Arm

When it pressed i felt pain in my whole body including brain, i m worried about it.


Premature Ejaculation

I am facing premature ejaculation problem. Whenever I get into an intimate situation with my girlfriend, like a hug or if her body touches with my penis or any similar situation, I ejaculate before I am supposed to. I never had sex...


Bad Breath

I have bad breadth problem breath is so annoying that it now minimizing confidence in me. kindly help



Im a college student and i feel extremely overwhelmed and stressed. It seems everything is out of my control. Thing at home, edcuation wise are going badly and i need to talk to a psychologist regarding this issue. I was diagnosed...



Can someone help me in telling the cost of tube pattency HSG test.. I'm coming to Pak next month willing to know plz....wats the cost at what time can it be done and how much specific time this procedure takes..

Pulmonologist / Lung

Over Weight With Breath Problem

Sir i am 44 years old , i have too much weight /70 kg , i have breath problem i cant run plz help me to get ride of this weight. i dont eat much. Only_zeb4u@hotmai.com my id plzz help me



I had cholestasis in my pregnancy and because of this I had to deliver my baby in week 37.. what are the chances that it will reoccur in the next pregnancy? What precautions can be taken in order to avoid it



Iam married for the last 5 years. Undwewent ICSI but cycle failed. My husband diagnose with teratozospermia ( 97% abnormal shapes of sperm) . His semen analysis also shows uric acid + 2. My infertilist suggested to see internal medi...


Pancreas Swelling, Water In Tummy And Lungs

My sister is admitted in services hospital since 22 days. She had severe pain in her stomach. Doctors didn't give her food since 22 days. They are giving only antibiotics and she already have 2 bottles of blood. Now they say is wate...