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Does several intercorse in month may produce problums for wives? Or how many times we can intercorse in a week?


Allergy During Pregnancy

My wife is 30 week pregnant and he feel itching all the time in full body, her gynea suggested to use arq-e-gulab after shower. But still no improvement.

General Problems

Skin Alergy

I want to meet her


Piles Dobht

Myja shak Han muja piles comen piles han jis ki waja sa mera peat khrb hona ki waja sa b me boht. Poch kr ri ho pr muja vegnal area. Me pein b hora or me poch ni kr pa ri q ka baq said ajeb si sojan hori jasa soj ra han plz help...

General Physician

Heel Pain

i was decleared which with severe pain temperature and whole body red (told red rashes ). now i am having severe pain in my right heel couldnt lift it so couldnt walk properly. plz tell me what to do as i am wprking lady. TIA


Mental Health

AOA. I want to ask this question on my sisters behalf, she is 19 YO and she is always really negative about life and people her sisters brothers even her mother, she always say negative things about others like i am married so she w...



is Biofade cream work for Melasma? and what type of food should be avoid or life style change?



do high levels of progesterone and prolactin cause infertility? and do the levels of these 2 hormones elevate prior to menstruation if i had test when i was having pre mensrual symptoms. Please guide me about it..

Internal Medicine

Chronic Granulomatous Inflammation

nexk had multiple enlarged lymphnodes with loss of fatty helium and fnac shows that smears are hypercellular well formed granulomas compossed of epithloid and multinucleated gaint cells and vack ground shows mixed population of m...