10 Best Suhoor meals To Keep You Energized During Ramadan

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This year’s Ramadan is being quite a challenge in Pakistan. Blazing summer heat coupled with an intense daily routine makes it difficult for the people to stay well all day. Keeping these points in view, it’s essential to know the right meals that’ll help us during fasting. Balanced meals adequate water intake, and avoiding unsuitable food choices play a major role in keeping you fit throughout Ramadan.

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Here is a list of ten best food choices that’ll keep your energy levels high during fasting hours.

1. Yogurt

Have a cup of yogurt in Sehri. Yogurt is a protein-rich food. It also has probiotics which ease digestion, upgrade your energy levels, and also strengthens your immune system.

Healthy meals for sehri
Healthy meals for sehri

2. Water

Nothing replaces this tasteless life-giver. Drink 2-3 glasses of water during Sehri. Water is crucial because your body won’t be able to convert the food into fuel without it. It’s very important to keep your hydration level always in check – especially during Ramadan.

3. Milk

A glass of milk in Suhoor will ensure strong and energetic body. Milk has a lot of calcium and vitamin B-12 in it. Calcium is the main component of bones and vitamin B-12 is involved in the making of your DNA.

Healthy meals for sehri
Healthy meals for sehri

4. Eggs

Eggs are a whole package of important nutrients. They are packed with protein, iron, and many essential vitamins. Iron is involved in the transport of oxygen in your blood. Lack of iron means a lack of oxygen in your body which makes you lethargic and weak.

5. Roti / Chapati

A roti in Suhoor and/or Iftar is a far better carbohydrate source than bread or rice. It has complex carbohydrates that take time to digest. Hence, these carbs slowly release energy throughout the day keeping you energetic and fresh.

6. Fruit Chaat (Fruit Salad)

Fruits! They are rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Some fruits like watermelon and oranges contain a lot of water. Bananas are rich in potassium. Apples have iron and a lot of fiber. Combine them and you get a perfect Suhoor meal!

7. Daliya (Oatmeal)

Porridge is a known energizer in our traditional cuisine. Daliya is rich in fiber and protein. Fiber makes you feel satiated and you don’t feel hungry soon. It is also very beneficial for your digestive system. Eat a small bowl of daliya in Sehri with some fruits and a few dates.

8. Khajoor (Dates)

Don’t underestimate these little power packs! Dates are filled with protein and fiber. Eat a few dates in Suhoor and you’ll be fine all day. Don’t eat too much because it will make you thirsty.

9. Daal (Lentils)

Daal goes excellent with roti. Lentils are protein-rich foods that have high fiber and very low glycemic index. Having a small bowl of lentil soup improves digestion and satiates hunger quickly. In our homes, a traditional meal of daal, roti, and salad is ideal for Sehri.

10. Chickpeas (Safaid Chanay)

Chickpeas are a low-calorie food with a lot of protein and fiber. They are light and don’t make you feel heavy. They can be eaten boiled or cooked. Chickpeas salad, also known as chana chaat, is a delicious meal that takes only a few minutes to prepare.

Your body depends on Suhoor throughout the day. And you’ve got this never-ending list of errands in your hands. So make sure to fuel up yourself properly.

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