10 Health Benefits of Olives

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Oval shaped, small green/black tiny olive is a magical fruit that does wonders for a human body. You can give your mouth a refreshing taste by adding it to scrambled eggs, toss it on a Pizza’s topping, use it in a salad or simply eat it raw. It’s a fruit packed with Vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants.

Olives have 70% water content in it, so it’s perfect for your body and skin. It’s one of those blessed fruits that even Allah has mentioned in the Quran as well. To reap its benefit to the fullest one needs to know its health benefits.

  • Full of Antioxidants:

It has antioxidants, so eat it to stay away from heart diseases along with osteoporosis and Cancer. To defeat cancer get the help of the best oncologist in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.

health and olives

  • Rich Source of Iron:

Olives are a rich source of iron which increases the efficiency of a body to transport oxygen in the red blood cells.

  • Rich in Calcium:

Its rich in Calcium, hence making your bones and muscles stronger.

  • Presence of Oleic acids:

Olives have Oleic acids in them that is known to regulate the level of cholesterol in human body. The optimum level of cholesterol keeps you safe from heart diseases. Book an appointment with the best cardiologist in Karachi to know more about your heart health.

  • Boosts Brain Power:

Olives are known to increase the power of the brain. It’s useful for patients with Alzheimer’s.
olives for brain

  • Healthy Fats:

It’s a fruit with healthy fat, it makes hair and nails grow better. In addition to it, skin shines by the intake of it.

  • Say bye to Anemia:

It’s a fruit for anemic as it increases blood level in the body.

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  • Strong Immune system:

It strengthens the immune system of a person keeping him/her away from viral infections.

  • Weight loss:

The goal of weight loss can be achieved by consuming olives, as it suppresses the hunger by making the body feel fuller with its water content.

  • Packed with Minerals:

It’s full of minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, and Iodine. Presence of Iodine in it can regulate the problem of thyroid in patients.

After knowing all the benefits who wouldn’t want to have it!? It’s not only rich in taste but is a power packed fruit.

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