10 Healthy Food Trends in 2018

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New Year always brings new goals, new choices, and new trends. It’s up to you to stay strong and follow healthy trends. Food is a thing everyone is eager about and people religiously follow food trends. In this article, we will tell you all about healthy food trends of 2018.

Floral Tastes:

It was seen in 2017 in some high-end eateries that they used edible petals in the decoration of certain dishes. Now in 2018, they are making their way into your personal kitchens. You can add petals to your cocktails and sweet dishes. Most popular would be of rose and lavender, these flowers are first infused than used in dishes they have various health benefits such as lowered blood pressure and ease from stomach pain also helps in weight loss. You can find and consult with the best stomach specialist in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham and get rid of stomach pain.

Wonderful Powders:

These powders are super healthy and can be added in your drinks, oats and even coffee. They are called protein powders and very useful for gym going people. It promotes youthfulness of skin.


Mushrooms are beneficial dietary supplements with rich creamy flavor. In 2018 it is added to teas and smoothies too. Mushrooms boost your immunity and heart health.

Different Cheeses and Spices:

Now spices are imported from middle east and north Africa, now you will see Cypriot cheese, falafel and cardamom on your tables in 2018. These spices and cheese offer low fat food and we all are aware of healing benefits of cardamom it makes your food delicious and well-adjusted.

Whole Foods:

Whole foods companies will make sure that all their products are from sustainable sources and are healthy for human use.

Going Vegan:

Now you can eat vegan burgers and pizzas, they will be made of tomatoes and dips are made from yogurt and nuts. It is very beneficial diet for diabetic patients and it also protect against cancer. To fight cancer you can take help of the best oncologist in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.

Wheezed and Popped Snacks:

They will be in exciting flavors and contain fewer calories it includes chips and puffed pastas. They are gluten free and safe to eat. Vegetable flavors are also trending in them. You can have vegetable nutrients without fear of fats. Even snacking would be fun now.

Tacos with Shells:

Tacos are my favorite and in 2018 they are coming out of the shells with grain free wraps even seaweed wrap is trending and you can see tacos in dessert section too.

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From Root till Stem:

When we can eat whole animals why not whole vegetables now you will see pickled watermelon rinds, coleslaw made from broccoli stems and mixing fruits and vegetables in the dishes. Enjoy health benefits of both!
2018-food trends

Pop the Bubbles:

Now you can have bubbly drinks without sugar and in inspiring flavors. You can enjoy mint mock tails and maple drinks. This will help in lowering harmful effects of soda we will stay healthy and hydrated too.

2018 is promising with so many healthy food trends and innovations and your year will surely brighten up further. Keep eating healthy and tasty food in 2018.

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