10 Reasons to Cut Down TV Watching

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To get awareness about national or international happenings or to get amusement TV watching is a daily routine of almost every person now. But are you aware of its damaging effects? Yes, TV screens are the culprit behind many problems. Just read following words to know about them.

Heart Diseases:

More time in front of TV screen makes the person blood flow slow which affects heart health and leads to heart problems. If you are a sufferer of heart problem and unable to know about best cardiologist log on to Marham to get help from the best heart specialist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan via Marham.

Disturbed Sleep Patterns:

Long hours of TV watching reduce the melatonin secretion which is sleep hormone. When it is in low amount person cannot sleep properly.

Reasons to Cut Down TV Watching

Diabetes Development:

Watching TV two hours each day increases the risk of diabetes development up to 14 percent, recent studies narrated. How to live better with diabetes consult with diabetes doctors in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.


Watching TV automatically reduces the physical activity which adds extra pounds to the body and makes the person obese.

Attention Deficit Disorder:

The quickly moving images and changing sounds are harmful to kids around you. These are too harsh to make them unable to concentrate on a required thing and make them a victim of attention deficit disorder.

Retarded Mental Development:

If your child is under the age of 2 years then it is necessary to interact with people to learn the things. Watching TV excessively at this age makes your child brain development slow and cause mental retardation.Retarded Mental Development


Development of Aggression:

TV watching even the cartoon serial converts the delicate senses of kids to violence and makes them aggressive in normal routines.

Blood Clotting in Lungs:

TV watching affect your breathing and blood blow both in result blood clotting may occur inside lungs which eventually lead to death. To get a consultation to solve lungs problem for residents of polluted cities like Karachi and Lahore log on to Marham and book an appointment online with a pulmonologist in Lahore, Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan.

Decreased social interaction:

Of course, this happens. The hours in front of TV hinders the people to interact with friends and families and leads to social problems indeed.

  • Decreased your TV watching hours and use them in some physical activity or socializing with friends and family.

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