Quick Read: 10 Tips For Best Skin Care In Winters

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The Tips And Tricks

  • Select a mild or a natural cleanser that suits your skin type
  • Use an exfoliator regularly to scrub off your dead skin
  • Use a sunblock regularly
  • Sleep for at least six hours
  • Drink six to eight glasses of water or liquids per day
  • Reduce the use of caffeinated drinks such as tea, and coffee
  • Keep the skin moisturized and avoid heavily perfumed products
  • Wear cotton or other natural fiber cloths that are gentle to the skin
  • Remove all the makeup before going you go to sleep
  • Eat healthily. Include fresh vegetables and salads to your diet

If your skin problems persist despite following the above skin care regime, you need to look no farther, here is what our satisfied patients say about their experience with our dermatologists.

“I had several skin care issues and i wasn’t satisfied with the treatment i received from Different doctors in Lahore. Then i consulted Dr Sumara, apart from being an excellent doctor, she is very kind, empathetic and a very good listener. Highly recommended!”

“Dr Nabeel will give you ample time to discuss your skin concerns and helps give you viable options to resolve your problems. He’s extremely helpful and always gives his honest opinion. He understands that us women are sensitive when it comes to our hair and skin! Give his hydra facial a try.. You can thank me later”

“I am super thankful to Dr Nabeel! I live in Los Angeles California, luckily I was back to see my family. I was fighting with acne and was going to a dermatologist in LA almost every month for my acne since it was embarrassing and super annoying. My parents kept telling me it’s teen acne even tho I am 24. Then someone told us about Dr nabeel and we went and it took me few months and my skin is all cleared up and I get no pimples unless it’s occasional pimple which I get after 6-7 months and it’s normal. 100% RECOMMENDED!! Thank you again Dr Nabeel I really appreciate your time and work.”

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