11 Hair-fall myths Busted-Know Facts

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Are you facing hair fall? Are you worried because of all the myths you heard from people? This is the place where you will find your facts and myths. For women, it’s a sensitive subject because healthy and long hair is considered their beauty. One should do open communication about this subject to deal with hair loss problem. Don’t be reluctant to seek professional help there are several improved treatments available in the market.  If nothing works then consultation with the best hair transplant specialist in Lahore, Karachi or other main cities of Pakistan might be your last option.


  1. It’s inherited from the mother, father or any other relative in the family.
  2. Mostly men suffer more from hair fall than women.
  3. If some woman is facing hair fall problem than she must have cancer.
  4. Age factor in men is the cause of hair fall/loss.
  5. Hair fall is due to abnormal periods in women.
  6. Diet is not important for hair growth.
  7. Using hair color will destroy your hair.
  8. Blow dryer and other beauty products are harmful to hair and cause hair fall.
  9. An overdose of vitamins will improve our hair.
  10. Haircuts and oiling regularly grow your hair faster.
  11. Steroids help in the growth of hair.

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  1. Hair loss is not always genetically inherited.
  2. It’s common for both men and women. Women are better at hiding it than men so it appears to affect fewer women.
  3. With age, both women and men will start having less hair it doesn’t base on gender though.
  4. It can be due to lack of proper diet, vitamins or it can be due to hormonal imbalance.
  5. Hair color may cause damage to your hair but it doesn’t affect the hair follicles which are under your skin so you need not worry while dying your hair.
  6. No evidence that straighteners or blow dryers cause hair fall. They weaken your hair and damaged them but not a cause of hair fall.
  7. Hair growth depends on your hair cycle and everyone has a unique hair cycle.
  8. Taking steroids can sometimes promote hair fall.

There are medical therapies available for this condition, consult a specialized doctor or your family physician for this problem. To find a family physician in Islamabad, Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan visit Marham. Always use FDA approved treatment for your hair fall.

Your hair is your crown take good care of your overall health and enjoy this blessing lifelong. 

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