11 Reasons behind a Sudden and Unexplained Fast Heart Rate

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While watching something intense, after running on a treadmill, or at times stress can cause your heartbeat increase. Palpitation is a name of that feeling where a person feels that his/her heart is beating rapidly without skipping a beat. Most of the time, palpitations are not harmful but at times medical reason could be behind it.

Reasons Behind a Sudden Fast Heart Beat:

There could be a lot of Causes of its occurrence but some of the common ones are mentioned below:

  • Exhaustion especially after vigorous exercise.
  • A highly stressed situation can increase a persons’ heartbeat.
  • Asthma patients often complain about Palpitation.
  • Panic attack due to anxiety can make it happen too.
  • Depression can be resulting in the pounding of the heart.
  • High fever usually Typhoid heartbeat flutters rapidly.
  • Changes in Hormones especially during Pregnancy.
  • Some women feel flip-flopping of the heartbeat during their menstrual cycle.


Associated Risk Factors:

Even though palpitations are not dangerous but one needs to look for the signs that can make an ordinary palpitation a risk factor. Some of the frightening signs are mentioned below:

  • Fainting: Palpitations can cause blood pressure to drop due to which a person can faint.

causes of palpitations

  • Cardiac Arrest: Although it is rare, due to extreme palpitation it can cause the heartbeat to stop altogether. Keep your heart healthy by regular consultation with the best cardiologists in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan via marham.pk.
  • Fits: If palpitations make a person lose his control, It becomes an extremely life-threatening situation
  • Shortness of Breath: If palpitations disturb the inhalation and exhalation of oxygen in the body causing shortness of breath, the situation becomes acute and the doctor should be approached quickly.

Although most of the palpitations are harmless and often subsides after a few minutes it can become an alarming sign when the heartbeat becomes abnormal or irregular. In this condition, a person needs to seek immediate help from a doctor.

Few Most Popular Heart Specialists:

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