12 Child Specialist Suggested Ways to Ease Flu in Babies Naturally

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Cold, cough and flu are affecting almost everybody nowadays and babies are no exception. While adults can manage somehow with OTC medicines and home remedies babies become really miserable. In very young babies many medicines cannot be used. Parents become perplexed about what to do to ease their child’s pain.

There are some natural remedies that can be used safely. These are comforting and have no side effects. We talked to child specialists at Marham and knew about these really helping tips. You can use these without worrying and your baby would be feeling better in no time. Remember in case of any kind of severe symptoms you should always consult a child specialist. Log on to marham.pk to find and consult the best child specialist in Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan. These tips can be used to handle mild cold and flu easily.

Forget the Cold Medicines:

Babies get affected by as many as 7 colds in their first year alone. That’s a lot to handle. Over the counter flu, remedies are not recommended for babies younger than two years. So forget using any for your baby. Look out for natural remedies.

Offer Plenty of Fluid:

Ensure your baby is well hydrated. Enough fluid will thin keep the mucus thin and flowing. Offer formula or breast milk on demand and otherwise as well. keep a look at the color of your baby’s urine. If it is pale it means she is getting enough. Dark yellow urine depicts lack of fluid intake.

For older babies avoid the use of sodas and juices. Offer homemade warm drinks.

Clear her Nose:

Your baby has a stuffed nose. She cannot blow it and hence experiences trouble in breathing. This also hinders her take her feed. You can help by clearing out the snot. Use a nasal bulb syringe for this. Squeeze the bulb outside. Then insert a quarter to half an inch of the tip of syringe inside nostril and suction out the snot.

Clean the mucus collected in the syringe on a tissue paper. Repeat the same with another nostril. After you are finished wash the syringe with soap and water. Dry it and keep it covered till you use it again. The nasal aspirator can also be used for this purpose.

Use Saline Drops:

Saline drops are available over the counter. These can be used to relieve nasal congestion and make breathing easier. You can either buy these from a drug store or make these yourself. Stir a half teaspoon of organic salt into a cup of warm water. to ensure safety you can boil water prior to use.

Lay your little one down and administer 2-3 drops of saline water into each nostril. You can use a soft muslin cloth or bulb syringe to wipe out the mucus. The nasal aspirator can also be employed for this purpose.

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Prop his Bed:

To ease sleep at night you can elevate the head side of his bed. To safely do this put a few books under his mattress or a small rolled blanket can serve the purpose. Elevating head puts gravity in action to drain mucus. Do not use pillows or other stuff to raise his head this can lead to suffocation and raises chances of SIDS. To know more about child safety and precautions visit child specialist near you. You can use the Marham app to locate a child specialist near you in Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan.

Use Humidifier:

Humidity in the air helps to relieve congestion and cough as well. for safety reasons use of a cool-mist humidifier is preferred for babies. Steam and hot water carry the risk of burns. So steer clear of these options.
When you are using a humidifier to ensure its hygiene. change water every day and clean as per instructions by the manufacturer. This will prevent the growth of mold and bacteria inside humidifier.

Clear Smoke:

Second-hand smoke is dangerous for kids. Make sure to stay away from places with cigarette smoke. Keep strict rule of no smoking inside your house. Research shows that kids exposed to second-hand smoke have a higher incidence of allergies, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Exposure to second-hand smoke makes it tough o recover from colds as well.

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A Quick Bath:

A bath can help to lower down the temperature. A sponge bath with warm water may help your baby with sleep. Do not use cold water, ice or alcohol. Keep the bath short and make sure the temperature of the water and room is not very low.

Ensure Proper Rest:

Enough sleep is essential for strong immunity. When affected from cold babies may have a hard time sleeping. Few strategies like clearing up nose and a hot drink before bed for older kids may help them sleep better. elevating head and lots of cuddles from you may do the trick. Your touch is comforting for your baby. It helps him feel relaxed and fall asleep better.

Serve some Soup:

Grandma was right: Chicken soup does help you feel better in cold. Studies show that it works in several ways. The nutrients in it help to relieve inflammation. It also aids to thin out the mucus and eases breathing. Added vegetables are a bonus that supplies much-needed vitamins and energy. It also helps to clear up congestion.

If your baby is new to solids be sure to grind the soup before offering him. Using clear chicken broth is also a good idea. For further help regarding nutritional requirements of kids book an appointment with the best nutritionist in Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan using marham.pk.

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Honey for Older Kids:

If your baby is more than a year old he can benefit from this golden stuff. Give him a spoonful of honey at night. This can calm a nighttime cough. Studies reveal that honey at bedtime can help better sleep and ease flu symptoms as well.

Feed them Healthily:

If your baby is eating solids give him nutritious foods. Feed him with foods containing proteins, healthy fats, and vitamins. Try to make foods interesting by varying color, flavor and textures. Good food fuels immunity. If you are breastfeeding keep up with it. Breast milk helps to fight off infections.

Additionally keep them away from possible causative agents and people suffering from flu. Use all of these tips to calm flu and cold in your baby. These are all natural and safe for kids.

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