12 Health Facts about Artificial Sweetners

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Do you know why artificial sweeteners are also called non-nutritive sweeteners? Because they have just the significant amount of calories in them as compared to actual sugar. They are added to drinks, juices and in processed food items. As they provide low calories so it is considered to be good for weight conscious people and diabetic patients. Most weight management classes’ emphasize on taking artificial sweeteners than sugar. But scientists suggest now to cut down your sugar intake than take artificial sweeteners because natural way is the best way. These artificial sweeteners have some benefits, as well as some adverse effects on human body, let us discuss these.


  1. They are mean to control our sugar intake as they are low in calorie.
  2. You will lose more weight if you add artificial sweeteners instead of sugar in your food.
  3. If you use them you can eat anything by making it in low calories.
  4. Health professional considered it helpful for the patients also.
  5. They are not drugs it’s better to take them than go on fad diets.

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Artificial sweetener benefits

Darker Sides:

  1. Uses– it has limited uses they just help in weight control not a reduction of weight. If you want to reduce weight with help of diet consult the best nutritionist in Lahore, Karachi or other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.
  2. Taste – its taste is not so good and truly feels like its name artificial. These have quite a bitter aftertaste.
  3. Weight gain – in some cases people report in weight gain even after the use of these sweeteners.
  4. No heat – they are not to be used in heating like you can’t do baking or cooking with these.
  5. Pregnancy – it is not advisable for pregnant women or lactating women.
  6. Yearning – after their use you yearn for more which leads to higher sugar intake.
  7. Metabolism – there are reports claiming that artificial sweeteners disturb normal metabolism. They stop it to convert nutrients into energy and slows the metabolism.

We need to control our desire for sugar or sweetness only than we can be fit and have a good metabolism. Sugar is the cause of some diseases for the prevention we need to take care of what we are eating and should eat everything in the normal range as we all know that excess of everything is bad!

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