12 Health Hazards of Consuming Animal Fat Oils

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Animal fat based oils are also known as saturated oils. Animal fat oils are derived from animals such as cow, goat etc. These oils are obtained from the available tissues of these animals and then they are processed in industries into saturated oils.

A lot of dairies use animal fat oils in making industrial cheese, yogurt, butter and many other dairy products. Oils are liquid at room temperature whereas fats are solids. Both fats and oils are triglycerides. Consuming saturated oils has a number of health benefits as well as adverse consequences.
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Adverse Effects of Consuming Animal Fat Oils:

  • Consuming animal fat oils increases the level of cholesterol in the body.
  • Since these oils are saturated oils, they accumulate in the body and hence cause obesity.
  • Diabetes: Increased level of diabetes is highly linked with increased consumption of animal fat oils. The best endocrinologists in Karachi and Lahore can be approached through Marham.pk to help you manage your diabetes.
  • When these oils are processed in the industry, a lot of toxic pollutants get mixed along with them. These contaminants may lead to the cause of cancer. To book an appointment with the best oncologist in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan visit Marham.pk.
  • Excessive consumption may lead to kidney failure.
  • Cause of many heart diseases including heart stroke.
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Arteries blockage
  • High in calories: where one gram of carbs provides 4 calories, one gram of animal oil provides 9 calories.
  • Cause of male infertility. Book an appointment with the best sexologist in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan via Marhm.pk to get help regarding male infertility and other male reproductive health issues.
  • Premature aging
  • High blood pressure
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What can be the Alternatives?

You need to be very careful about what kind of oils you’re feeding on. In case of avoiding using saturated oil, the following can be the alternatives:

  • Use healthy vegetable oils instead of animal fat oil. Examples can be olive oil, soybean oil etc.
  • Consume low-fat yogurt.
  • Look for low fat or no fat milk.
  • Refrain from consuming high-fat cheese and butter.

Animal fat oils are derived from animal tissues and fats. Excessive use of these oils may lead to a number of adverse health effects because they are saturated and accumulate inside the body. Instead of using saturated oils in your diet, you may use unsaturated vegetable oils in your meals to stay away from health problems such as heart diseases, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure level.

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