13 Signs Showing your Kid is Malnourished

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A healthy kid is a blessing. Parents should make sure that they are providing healthy food to their kids so that they grow physically and mentally strong. First, five years of a kid are crucial; a balanced diet should be given to a kid to ensure their mental and physical growth. Due to any reason if a kid doesn’t get essential nutrients he/she becomes malnourished.

Malnutrition in kids occurs when a body of kid lacks essential nutrients. Due to lack of nutrients in the body, development, and growth of kid slows down. It happens when a kid isn’t taking enough food or food is not providing enough essential nutrients.

In some cases, because of some serious ailment, a kid remains malnourished such as Celiac Disease or Cystic fibrosis. If a child suffers from the celiac disorder, the body becomes intolerant to absorb proteins; however in Cystic Fibrosis due to disruption in Pancreas body fails to absorb essential nutrients, so the kid remains malnourished. To get these issues addressed earlier regular checkups with a pediatrician are essential. To book an appointment with the best pediatrician in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan visit Marham.pk.

malnourishment in kids

Malnourishment not just hinders the physical growth of a kid but it also badly affects the brain of a child and in the severe case, a kid doesn’t have properly formed skeleton.

Signs and Effects of Malnourishment:

Following are some of the Signs and Effects of Malnourishment in Kids

  • Underdeveloped Brain
  • Hindrance to the ability to grow and develop
  • Underweight Child
  • Height doesn’t grow
  • A child becomes anemic
  • Low immune system
  • Acute fatigue
  • Osteoporosis (Weak, Brittle bones)
  • Lack of Vitamin A can cause Blindness in kids
  • Mental retardation
  • Learning disorder


  • Weak muscles
  • Discoloration of Skin

Malnourishment can cause a lot of problems in kids. Parents should make sure that their children are taking healthy food that is fulfilling their body requirement of nutrients. Kids who are picky eaters should be given supplements and vitamins prescribed by the doctors.

In order to prevent children from this following steps should be taken:

  • Check BMI of kids to make sure that they are gaining weight according to their height. Book an appointment with the best pediatrician in Lahore and Islamabad to get your kid’s health evaluated.
  • Look for symptoms and once identified take them to the nutritionist right away.
  • Give them prescribed vitamins and minerals.
  • Once a year, get their blood test done to make sure their body is healthy.

Malnourished kids face a lot of problems coming up and have to struggle throughout their lives in order to get settle among healthy kids. The health of a kid should be the utmost priority of a parent; it shouldn’t be neglected at any cost.

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