15 Common Orthopaedic Issues Addressed By Dr Aurangzeb Qureshi

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Dr Aurangzeb Qureshi is a dedicated orthopaedic surgeon currently working as full-time Consultant and Assistant Professor at the Ziauddin hospital Karachi. Completing his undergraduate and internship from Ziauddin Medical University, he joined the orthopaedic surgery residency program at the Aga Khan University Hospital.

Upon completion of residency, Dr Aurangzeb Qureshi opted for a fellowship in spine surgery from Guy’s and St. Thomas hospital, UK.

In May 2012, Dr Aurangzeb Qureshi joined Aga Khan hospital Daressalam, Tanzania as head of orthopaedics and developed an effective trauma service providing treatment of all kinds of soft tissue and bony trauma. In addition to that, he performed over 800 spine surgeries in a resource-limited environment.

After his return to Pakistan, he is now performing his duties as an Assistant Professor Orthopedics in Ziauddin University.

His Areas Of Expertise Are:

  • Management of all forms of basic and advanced orthopaedic soft tissue trauma
  • Management of all forms of basic and advanced orthopaedic trauma including hip and long bone fractures
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopic procedures including meniscal repair and meniscectomy
  • Basic spine procedures including discectomies
  • Advanced spine procedures including anterior and posterior spinal instrumentation and fusion procedures
  • Hip and knee replacement surgeries
  • Microvascular repairs and reconstruction procedures
  • Nerve repairs and reconstruction procedures.

Here’s What He Has To Say

Q. What are Musculoskeletal issues?

A. Musculoskeletal issues are the problems or issues which are related to bones, joints, muscles and other tissues making our body structure.

Q. Osteoarthritis symptoms and does it happen in a specific age?

A. There are two types of osteoarthritis, type 1 is called primary arthritis and has no obvious cause, usually starts in 5th to 6th decade of life. Whereas, the type 2 or secondary arthritis starts after an injury to the joint including, trauma, fractures of the joint, infections and tumours etc.

Q. Can anxiety cause Musculoskeletal issues?

A. Anxiety can cause muscle aches and pains. But mostly, the medications used in the management of anxiety and other relevant issues weaken the musculoskeletal system.

Q. Does height increasing treatments have serious after-effects?

A. Yes, they do sometimes have serious effects. They can be permanent and sometimes lead to infections, amputations and death.

Q. I’ve been experiencing slight back pain since last two weeks but today during the shower, I felt extreme pain and now I am even unable to stand. It hurts me while I sit and is going towards my legs too. My muscles are also cramping.

A. The issue you are mentioning can most likely be a slip disc/disc herniation issue.

Q. I experience a lot of pain in my feet and finger joints, what should I do?

A. Some issues can not be diagnosed without proper examination. It is required that you consult an orthopaedic surgeon and get evaluated for the problem as soon as you can.

Q. Is the slip disk issue treatable and what are the side effects

A. Yes, it is treatable. Moreover, as the side effects are concerned, they usually depend on the treatment that you opt for.

Q. What is carpal tunnel syndrome, causes and symptoms?

A. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression of the median nerve at the wrist. Most of the times the causes of this issue are unknown and can be identified with numbness of the thumb, index, middle and sometimes ring fingers with pain

Q. Why is back pain becoming the most common issue amongst youngsters?

A. Youngsters nowadays miss out on most of the healthy activities and prefer sitting in front of TVs all day. The lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition are the main culprits.

Q. I fell and sprained my ankle around two years ago, it healed but the swelling is still there. What can be the issue?

A. The most likely cause of this can be damaged ligaments. This should be discussed with a doctor for proper treatment.

Q. What can be a cause of shoulder pain resulting after pressure is applied while working.

A. The cause can be muscular weakness or ligament instability.

Q. What can cause excessive back pain and restlessness while working at home? Is it related to posture or is there any other issue I should be concerned about?

A. It depends on the symptoms and assessment. This issue should get a proper examination by the doctor.

Q. Can jogging on the road and exercising on hard surfaces affect our knee joints?

A. Not really. There is not any similar case seen to support this.

Q. What can be the best nutrition for joints, to keep them strong and healthy?

A. You can take a healthy diet which is rich in calcium. Try managing a regular exercise routine and get an early consultation if there is any complaint.

Q. My right shoulder hurts very bad whenever I take up on an activity which requires exertion (while playing badminton or when I was painting my room with a paint roller but not when I workout). I cannot even move it around properly for a couple of days. Why does it happen and how can I stop it?

A. This issue needs a proper assessment and diagnosis. That is the only way how to further management of your problem can be planned.

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