17 Basic Preventive Measures to Avoid Germ Attack

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Germs are little enough to hide from the naked eye but they are surrounding you and can invade at any moment by your slight negligence. Be clever, not to give them a chance to attack otherwise illness and extra expenditure in the form of hospital bills will be the part of life.

Follow These Simple Strategies To Dodge Unseen Germs:

All these precautions will help you to stay away from infectious germs. But if you get across any of them by misfortune you can log on to Marham to get online consultation from our facebook forum or book an appointment with the best family physician in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad or any main city of Pakistan.


  1. Adopt general hygienic conditions as your prime priority.
  2. Wash your hands when you come from outside, before eating something and after using a toilet.
  3. Avoid direct contact with the person having any kind of contagious health situation.
  4. Avoid taking contaminated food.
  5. Wash each fruit and vegetable if you are going to eat as raw or cook them.
  6. Wash every kitchen utensil before use.
  7. Clean your burner regularly.
  8. Drink pure water. Boil it to make it safe and pure.
  9. Avoid using a public toilet. If it is necessary to rinse extra water on the toilet seat before use.
  10. Use tissue paper to touch anything in a public toilet.
  11. In public place, whether it is a high-class restaurant, gym or an amusement park avoid direct touching of anything. Use tissue paper or clean cotton cloth.
  12. Avoid use try the room of garment stores they have a heap of germs.
  13. During the visit to hospital weather for your own checkup or to console some ill friend is more cautious. Never touch any medical instrument barehanded.
  14. It’s wise to take a bath when you have visited a hospital or some medical center.
  15. Use a face mask at outside places especially near factories, high traffic areas and during special weather conditions.
  16. Each night before going to sleep clean your body and gurgle with mild hot water to kick out germs if they access you.
  17. Clean your house on a daily basis, change bed covers, cushions and curtains at an appropriate time.

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It’s easy to follow precautions and stay safe rather than being careless and get affected by these germs and end up in bed. So make good hygiene your habit it will go a long way in maintaining your health and personality as well.

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