2 Methods Of Treatment For Problematic Wisdom Tooth

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At the age of 8 years, permanent teeth come but these are not the last one to come. Have you forgotten about wisdom teeth? They usually come in when you’re older, around 17 to 21. These teeth are in the very back of your mouth and actually are molars, your toughest, widest teeth that grind food. But some people don’t have all their wisdom teeth. They’re the ones most commonly missing from adult mouths.

wisdom tooth troubles

You’re more likely to have issues with these molars than with any other teeth. Each year, some 10 million wisdom teeth are removed around the globe.

Do You Want To Know Why It Happens?

Here is some information about this.

Problems With Wisdom Tooth:

A top problem about wisdom teeth is impaction, the condition when the teeth do not have enough room to come out from the gum and cause severe pain.

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treatment for wisdom tooth

Any wisdom tooth with signs of pain, disease or some other clear problem should remove out. To solve you’re any teeth problem find the best dentist in Islamabad, Lahore and other main cities via Marham.pk. Main problems of wisdom teeth may be the following:

  • Infection or cavities
  • Lesions (abnormal-looking tissue)
  • Not enough room to brush and floss around the tooth
  • Before the tooth comes in, the sack of tissue around it can grow into the form of a cyst, which can lead to bone loss.
  • If the tooth is on its side under the gum, it can destroy nearby teeth by eating away the roots.
  • Bacteria and plaque can build up around a tooth that’s only partly out.

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How To Solve The Problem?

Each medical problem has an authentic solution, thanks to modern research and technology. These problematic wisdom teeth eradicate to solve the related problem by two extraction methods.

Simple Extraction:

If wisdom teeth have come in completely and infected enough your dentist simply extract it by numbing your jaw. An elevator will lose the tooth and dental forceps will take it out. After cleaning, gauze will enough to stop bleeding.

surgical extraction of wisdom tooth

Surgical Extraction:

If your tooth is still below the gum line and causes problems, your dentists may prefer to refer you to an oral surgeon for this procedure. The surgeon will cut open the gum and remove the tooth bone to get to the root and finally will take the problematic tooth.

Never feel reluctance in removing infected teeth, it was part of you but it’s harmful now.

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