2 Treatment Approaches for Male Infertility

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Find Best Androurologist in KarachiMost infertility reasons are considered to be related to females but it is not true in all cases. According to recent studies, males are unable to cause pregnancy in more than 30 percent of the cases. Male infertility may be due to different reasons but fortunately, many available methods have good enough efficacy to treat it. Mostly hormonal therapies and appropriate drugs are prescribed. Consult with the Dr. Brig(r) Ramzan Chaudhary to solve your fertility-related issues because in some cases the drugs show no improvement and surgical procedures are the only hope. He is an androurologist with 40 years of experience in this field.

Why is Surgery Needed?

As there are different causes of male infertility so it is treated according to its cause. Some types of infertility are caused by abnormality or blockage in some area of the male reproductive system so that blockage or abnormality is corrected by surgical treatment. In following situations, surgical methods are advised;

  • Abnormal collection of bulging veins above the testicle
  • Dilatation of scrotal veins
  • Blockage in sperm collecting ducts

Surgical Male Fertility Treatment Options

Fortunately, many effective and appropriate methods are available to treat infertility of males with satisfactory successful rates. Log on to Marham to find best androurologist in Lahore. Methods that can help resolving this are listed here.

Varicocele Repair

Varicoceles are enlarged veins in the scrotum and it mostly happens in the left testicular. It is the most common cause of male infertility which is corrected by surgical procedures. Now safe, minimally invasive, microsurgical procedures are available to correct this abnormality with excellent success rates.

Ejaculatory Duct Resection

Sometimes seminal vesicles or ejaculatory ducts become dilated due to following reasons;

  • Cyst formation
  • Calcification
  • Stones along the duct

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If any of the things like this is diagnosed surgery is mandatory. And this surgical procedure named ejaculatory duct resection is done in just one hour.

Vasectomy Reversal

This surgical procedure is basically used to reverse vasectomies. But it is also useful to unblock the reproductive ducts. It can also beneficent in the treatment of infertile men with no sperm counts due to some infection or trauma.

Male Fertility Treatment with Assisted Reproductive Technologies

If surgical procedures do not provide the fruitful success then still there is a hope as many assisted reproductive technologies are present to serve.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

This is the simplest and basic assisted technology which is performed for males having the problem of low sperm quality, immunologic infertility, and mechanical problems in sperm delivery like erectile dysfunction this technique involves the placement of a washed pellet of ejaculated sperm within the female uterus, beyond the cervical barrier. This is much useful technique as it showed successful pregnancy in 8-16% of cases.

In-vitro Fertilization

If the male failed to deliver the sperm or sperm failed to reach the egg to fertilize it due to any problem with low sperm quality, less sperm motility or male erectile dysfunction. Then in vitro fertilization will help out the couple. In this technique ova from the female ovary and sperm from the male ducts are obtained artificially and the mating process is done in the Petri plates outside the body. After successful fertilization zygote is formed and this zygote is placed in the female uterus to complete the natural process.

Infertility in Males & Females A Basic Understanding

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