28 Essentials to Add in First Aid Kit

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Good and bad events are part of life. Wise are those who expect the best but are prepared for worst. In daily routine, you may come across to any medical emergency. To deal that emergency at home or manage yourself till you get to medical center prepare your first aid box. To consult the best general physician in Karachi, Lahore or any main city of Pakistan you can log on to Marham, if you have some medical issue. Here we have listed some essential which should be a part of a perfect first aid box.

  1. Plasters of different sizes and shapes.
  2. Small, medium and large sterile gauze dressings.
  3. At least two or more sterile eye dressings.
  4. Safety pins to catch up the bandages.
  5. Disposable sterile gloves to dress the wound safely.
  6. Tweezers to pluck out pinned objects from wounds like a broken piece of glass.
  7. Scissors to cut the bandage.
  8. Alcohol-free cleansing wipes to clean the wounds and cuts.
  9. Sticky tape for wound dressing.
  10. Thermometer to measure body temperature.
  11. Skin rash cream or ointment.
  12. Cream, ointments or spray to relieve insect bites and stings.
  13. Antiseptic cream or spray to clean the wounds.
  14. Antibiotic ointment to keep the minor wounds safe from infection.
  15. Antifungal creams to treat fungal infections.
  16. Painkillers (only prescribed by a physician).
  17. Fever-reducing drugs.
  18. Stomach remedies and drugs to relieve indigestion, heartburn or upset stomach.
  19. Antidiarrheal drugs.
  20. A cough and flu medicine. (Only prescribed by a medical professional. You can log on to Marham to consult the best pulmonologist in Karachi or any main city of Pakistan if you are suffering from asthma.)
  21. Antihistamine tablets or ointments to treat allergies.
  22. Distilled water bottle to clean wounds.
  23. Eye wash and eye bath.
  24. Face mask for the purpose to protect against smoke, dust or allergens.
  25. Clean towel to use as a pillow in outdoor emergency situation or as a wrap for ice.
  26. Emergency phone numbers like of your doctor, pharmacy, ambulance service or poison control.
  27. Spirit.
  28. Burn ointment.

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  • Prepare your perfect first aid kit, keep it at on hand, take it with you during long travels but never skip proper treatment by a medical professional in case of serious medical emergency.
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Tayyaba Waris
She is a student of Ph.D. molecular biology at Comsats University, Islamabad. She is working on the causes and treatment of male infertility. She has also worked on liver disease and its herbal treatments and has recently got her paper published in the National journal of Natural Pharmaceuticals. At Marham, she writes about hot medical issues and general health problems.