3 Causes of Binge Eating Disorder

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Binge eating disorder is generally known as compulsive overeating or intaking abnormal amounts of food feeling unable to stop or control yourself. This abnormal eating does not happen in continuous manners at every meal but its episodes typically occur on an average of a minimum of twice per week for a duration of six months. Do you want to know more about this abnormal behavior? Following description can help you.
causes of binge eating


Irrespective of all scientific inventions the exact cause of binge eating disorder is still under cover. But certain factors are believed as strong influences for the development of this disorder. These factors are:

  • Biological abnormalities, such as hormonal irregularities or genetic mutations.
  • Psychological problems like physical dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, and difficulty coping with feelings can also contribute to binge eating disorder. To solve out these or any other psychological issue you can visit Marham.pk to consult the best psychologist in Karachi or any main city of Pakistan.
  • Social and Cultural issues like traumatic situations, harsh or rude comments of elders, or some other social stress.

Signs & Symptoms:

As individuals suffering from binge eating disorder experience embarrassment or shame about their eating habits and prefer to eat in isolation. But following habits can reveal them:

  • Inability to stop eating
  • Stockpiling food to consume secretly at a later time
    symptoms of binge eating
  • Eating normally in the presence of others but gorging when isolated
  • Experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety, numbness or tingling that only relieved by eating
  • Never experiencing the state of being satisfied by eating


It is a complex behavior related disorder and needs professional support and treatment from health professionals specializing in the treatment of binge eating disorder, including psychiatrists, nutritionists, and therapists can be the most helpful to address binge eating disorder.

Do not be ashamed of discussing some embarrassing problems, having these can embarrass you but to live a normal life treatment and professional help are only options.

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