3 Essentials of Mother Care After Birth

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Many deaths are still engulfing the ladies after the one year of giving birth only due to negligence. For proper care of new mothers, appropriate guidelines from a gynecologist are required. If you or anyone in your family is at this stage of life you can take appointment from a gynecologist. To consult a gynecologist in Lahore, Karachi or any other main cities of Pakistan visit Marham. Following things should be kept in mind to care for the mother after giving birth.


A new mother is not sick but she is not in a very good condition to start hectic routines just after the delivery. Rest is the most important thing which she needs. Following things should be considered to take proper rest:

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  • Take relive from all responsibilities other than baby feeding and taking care of herself.
  • Take sleep during the sleeping hours of the baby.
  • Avoid any hectic exercise or work.
  • During the visit of friend or family feel free to excuse for rest.


Post delivery a nutritious and healthy diet is crucial to the health of baby and mother. You can consult a nutritionist to plan you a specific diet. If you are resident of a big city like Lahore or Karachi and want to avoid traffic jams you can get an appointment online with the best nutritionist in Lahore, Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan via Marham. Following foods should be included in diet:

  • Whole grain foods like wheat, barley or oat to keep the digestive system well working and fulfill the nutrient requirement.
  • Leafy green and orange-red vegetables to maintain iron and folic acid level.
  • Fresh and dry fruits to take vitamins naturally.
  • Dairy products like milk and yogurt to maintain baby and mother overall health.
  • High protein diet to take enough energy.


In first weeks after delivery, only a short walk is enough. But with the passage of time, the mother should take some good walk and light exercise to make herself healthy. Appropriate after birth exercises will help the mother to get the ideal figure back soon and get rid of all the baby weight as well.

Following these points with regular visits to your gynecologist will surely save you from any complication after birth and keep you healthy for the years to come.

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