3 Major Causes Of Bone Softening In Children

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Healthy bones are all you need to lead a healthy life. It is important for bones to remain healthy all the lifespan. For this, we need to know components from which these bones are made up of. Our bones not only need calcium but phosphorus as well to remain strong. Otherwise, it can cause bone softening.

In other words, these softening is also called rickets or Osteomalacia. This disease can occur in early age and children from this have trouble in coming up with this disease. In past history, rickets was a common childhood illness in North America until the 1940’s. Although with modern medical science we are overcoming this disease still it needs attention. Here are symptoms and causes of rickets, Osteomalacia or bones softening.


There are no such obvious symptoms because it occurs at a very early age. Still, some children complain about aching of legs, hips, ribs, pelvis, back and lower portion. It can be possible that the patient may feel the pain the whole day and it gets worst at night. Some severe symptoms include muscle ache and trouble in walking. If your younger one feels any of the symptoms don’t get late and consult with a good orthopedic surgeon.

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Bone softening or rickets can be caused due to many reasons. Our bones need calcium and phosphorus and its deficiency can lead to the worst situation. Following are the main causes of this softening.

Deficiency of Vitamin D.

This deficiency is a major cause of any bone issue. People who consume less vitamin D or away from sunlight have more chances of bone softening disease. Fruits, vegetables, and the sunlight is the major source of vitamin D. So it is as essential as oxygen for us.


Some surgeries can also be the cause of bone softening. It includes the stomach, intestine and any major organ surgery. Actually, in these surgeries, a person can lose more vitamin D. So again deficiency of vitamin D can lead to bones weakening and softening.

Kidney and Liver

These organs are directly involved in the production of vitamin D. So if any of this will get affected it means it can damage your bones.

Basically Deficiency of vitamin D is the root cause of bone softening in children so any disease that is causing this deficiency can be fatal for bones.

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