3 Major Personality Disorder That Every Person Must Have.

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We all are somehow suffering through different personality disorder. Some disorders are really common. We may suffer from it but we actually have no idea that these are personality disorders. We just consider it as part of our life of effect of environmental changes.

Do you have a habit of talking to yourself? Are you unable to sleep at night? Do you feel annoyed by chewing sound? These all are related to personality disorders. These disorders are almost in every person but we ignore it by considering unimportant. Here is some common personality disorder you must know about.

Anti-social personality disorder.

You are not introvert. You are actually suffering from antisocial personality disorder. In this disorder, a person uses to not consider someone opinion and more often interact with fewer people. Sometimes they are aggressive and respond in a negative way. Moreover, they are irresponsible and careless as well. They are least interested in their safety and others as well. It is always hard to deal with such people. Being introvert not always mean that one must be antisocial. These are two different situations.

Dependent personality disorder.

In this disorder, people are very much emotionally dependent on another person. Such people are submissive and clingy as well. They are in need of urgent close relationship. They fear loneliness and keep themselves involved in another person. Lack of confidence and tolerance is also one of their flaws. They get aggressive in the reaction of disapproval. They do not like excessive advice. All these things sometimes increase stress and anxiety in their life. We may also have any of this disorder as well.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

These people are highly stubborn and rigid in their decision. They are often unable to control their budget and spend over money. Such people are overly hard working so sometimes ignore their social circle and loved one. These people desired to be controlled in gatherings and people as well. They strictly pay attention to rule and regulations.
A person can have multiple personality disorder too. I think many of us have these disorders and there are so many reasons behind these disorders.

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