3 Myths About Sex During Pregnancy Should Be Eliminated

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“Mommy to be” is the most soothing word a woman hear. Anyone can hardly feel all the “butterflies in tummy” feelings. Even sometimes your better half is unable to understand your needs during pregnancy. There might be a time when you are exhausted for no and getting intimate is the last thing you want.

Alternatively, you might be scared because of so many myths about sex in pregnancy. But dear it is not necessary to believe everyone’s opinion. While you do not want to compromise on your health should you compromise on your relationship?

Your better half needs you in the ups and downs of his life. Study the facts about sex during pregnancy and then conclude whether you need to keep distance or not. You can also ask the best gynecologist in Karachi or any big city of Pakistan for the best advice.

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Here are some facts and myths about sex during pregnancy.


So it is a big NO. Sex during pregnancy has nothing to do with the miscarriage. Neither has it caused early Birth. There can be so many other reasons for early labor or miscarriage. So relax and do not get worried. Your baby is secure and so is your family.

Baby Feels It:

Not at all. Nature has made this process very hidden and easy. Your baby is actually hidden in layers and he/she will not at all feel what’s happening outside the womb. Baby will only able to feel the heartbeat of other activities related to your regular routine.


There is another myth that intercourse during pregnancy causes vaginal infection. During pregnancy, there are hormonal changes regularly. These changes can cause infection and other issues as well. You only need to consult with a gynecologist in such conditions before concluding anything.

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Skip all these myths and take it easy. The more you will be stressed out the more you will lose control over your health.

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