3 “Points To be Noted” After Hair Transplant

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A bald head is such an embarrassment that it can hurt your self-esteem as well. Luckily there are treatments regarding this issue. These treatments are 95% safe but still, they need care and attention. Many of us are scared that a hair transplant is a complicated surgery.

You really need to take out all the myths about hair transplant by reading this article. Here you will find out that what are the pros and cons of this transplant. It is your right to look good with a remarkable personality. This surgery is all about picking sample existing hair from other parts and detaching them in the region where there is hair loss. Here are all you need to know about hair transplant things.

Do not use water.

So the procedure is done. You can suffer through fever and mood swing because of stitches and cuts. This is common do not worry immediately. Keep consulting with your doctor for better advice. But one thing that can create trouble for you is a shower. Do not use water for 48 hours almost on your graft. It can create an infection. Give it time to heal. There are many patients that suffer from a deep infection just because of their own carelessness.

Light pressure.

Slightly bleeding is normal. Do not get panic on that. You can give a light pressure if there is any bleeding. Use a slightly moist clothe and put light pressure on the grafted area. This procedure will absorb the blood and will also help in not running out more blood. Some people have a natural tendency to heal quickly.

Stick to your medications.

Keep consulting with the doctor because just like other surgeries in this surgery there are chances of any disturbance. Before the situation gets out of your hands get a regular checkup from a doctor.

Do not quit medicine until your doctor asks you to do so. Use no shampoo for at least 3 or 4 days.
Once after recovery, you will surely be going to look flawless like before.

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