3 Protein Shakes That Can Give “Super Heroes Power” To Your kids

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Regularly running after the kids is so casual for all mommies. Majority kids are more like a trouble in eating habits. This is the reason that they are unable to fulfill basic nutrition. I really felt the pain of mommies when I visit my friend’s place.

So when I entered her home all I was able to listen is shouting, crying and yelling voices. My friend was running after her 3 years old kid with a bowl full of food. The kid was continuously crying and shouting that he will not eat the food. Meanwhile, the mommy cool was eagerly trying to put all the food in baby’s tummy.

In this situation, all I wanted was take a bowl of popcorn, sit on a sofa and enjoy the Tom and Jerry show. Meanwhile, the kid hides himself under the table. Mommy got tired and sit with me in a very disturbing way. Being a friend I wanted to help her out. Not because we are friends since long but because that kid was also the apple of my eye and he was getting weak because of less nutrient in the body.

I ask my friend to sit and relax. Take a deep breath because it is useless to get worried without making a serious effort. Then I gave her idea to search about some really healthy yet easy protein shakes with full of colors that her baby can hardly refuse. So this is what we find.

Almond Butter and Banana protein shake

As it is already very tempting from its name even elder can hardly refuse it. Almonds are enriched with fats, vitamin E, fiber, iron, and protein. This means half of the nutrients are already there. Bananas are very healthy and yummy option for kids. You can also add cheese for a little more protein. Blend all these ingredients with a single spoon of honey and enjoy it with your kid. But hey try not to over drink it because mommies are more likely to gain weight fast.

Pineapple Coconut Milk Smoothie

Coconut milk is a full dose of protein. Pineapple is all about good flavor. Together they can make a yummilicious smoothie. You can add yogurt and oat as well. Yogurt is not only full of protein but also good for summer season. Choice of sweetener is yours.

Chocolate Peanut Butter and Soy Milkshake

Every kid is fond of dairy milk then why not create a shake with the same flavor. Chocolate peanut butter is with soy milk will create the same flavor as dairy milk. You can add up chocolate chip as a topping.

These 3 shakes are insanely healthy and will work as a helping hand for all mommies in growth and energy of kids. For further consultation for best advice with the best pediatrician in Karachi or any other city, you can book an appointment from Marham.pk.

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