3 Reasons Behind Effects of Depression on Weight

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It might amaze you that depression is not limited to the brain, dear reader, it also affects you physically. One of its damaging physical health effects is altering your normal body weight. Following are the reasons why depression does it.

Depression Effect on Body Weight:

People suffering from depression often face associated weight variation problems. It is proved by various recent research and surveys that depressed individuals usually gain weight specifically in the abdominal region. But it is not necessary that a depressed person may always get overweight.

Other factors that may affect depression associated weight changes include:

  • It is also related to other factors like sex or ethnicity. As in one recent study, it was denoted that black depressed women are more likely to get the weight as compared the white depressed female.
  • It is also related to age factor as a middle aged depressed individual is at higher risk of getting the weight as compared to young patients with this mental disorder.
  • In some cases, it is also noted that depression eats up the healthy flesh of the body and caused reduction of healthy body weight.
  • Increased or decreased weight in both ways depression is not good. To avoid these effects it is needed to eradicate depression at early stages. You can take help from the best psychiatrist in Islamabad or any main big city of Pakistan via Marham, as big cities have higher depression coincidences.

Reasons Behind Weight Alteration by Depression:

As depression negatively enhance or reduce the body weight of the suffering individual. Researchers believe that this weight alteration happens due to the negative effects of depression on healthy habits of the individual.


In some types of depression appetite increase and in others it may decrease. And this irregular appetite cycle may be responsible for weight changes.



Depression also affects the natural sleep-wake cycle of the person. And this disturbance also plays role in altering the normal weight of the body.


Physical Activity:

As the depressed person suffers from loss of interest in physical and social activities. Low level of energy also not allows the person to take part in physical activity. This lack of physical movements also contributes to weight alterations.

Physical Activity

  • Stay positive and spread positive energies to avoid depression and to save others from this mental disorder.

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