3 Reasons You Need a Root Canal

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Are you still deciding whether you should get a root canal or not? Well, hopefully, you will find your answer in this post. If your dentist has recommended you to get a root canal, don’t worry. It must be for your own good. A root canal can save your teeth and can relieve pain.

During Root canal procedure infected pulp is replaced with artificial material. Nowadays with advanced technology, dentists can make it done within two or three sessions depending on the situation of a person. Once it is done, you will get your smile back and can enjoy a pain-free bite within no time.

Now let’s disclose three major reasons that can convince your dentist to go for a root canal rather than just ordinary filling.

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Deep Cavity

When minor decay of a tooth isn’t treated on the right time, it can become deep and make the nerves lying under the tooth irritated and inflamed. It happens when the bacteria present in the mouth produce acid and eats away the tooth. Initially decay only infects the outer layer of the teeth but once it goes unnoticed the decay gets deeper and once it reaches the pulp; which has a high concentration of sensitive nerves pain becomes severe.

Cracked Tooth

Our teeth have to go to a lot of stress throughout our lifetime. They are used in chewing and clenching. Sometimes our teeth get chipped off due to sudden trauma and it can be repaired by a dentist by applying your tooth-colored bonding material but if the trauma is severe and it has caused a pulp to get infected too then this is a must.

Repetitive Filling

Repetitive procedure done on a similar tooth can increase the chance of a root canal in the near future. The repetitive decay of one tooth, require recurrent fillings which make the tooth weak for the further procedure hence root canal is done once and for all to get rid of all the problems.

It is always better to get an opinion from a dentist and there is no harm in going for a root canal as it can save your tooth and help you get rid of toothache.

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