3 Remedies for a Sore Throat That Will Help You

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I’m sure everyone has dealt with a sore throat in his or her life. Swallowing feels painful and there is absolutely no appetite for eating foods that you normally would enjoy. To help with this too common sickness, this article has some remedies that can help you the next time you get one.

What Causes a Sore Throat:

There are three types of sore throats that you can get:

  • A sore throat can be a sign of you having a flu
  • It can be an infection called strep throat or
  • It can be tonsillitis, painful inflammation or infection of the tonsils.

What to do in case of a Sore Throat:

If you have a sore throat, Try and identify what type of sore throat it is, so you can get the maximum treatment that is needed.

What to do in case of a Sore Throat

Symptoms of a sore throat caused by flu:

Sore throats that are caused by flu are usually quick in going away. After they go, you are left with the common symptoms of flu like:

  • sneezing
  • fever
  • cough
  • runny nose

If you have a sore throat that leads to flu try drinking warm liquids, gargling with warm salt water, sucking on ice chips and taking an over the counter medicine.

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Symptoms of a Sore Throat Caused by Strep Throat:

  • sudden sore throat
  • loss of appetite
  • painful swallowing
  • fever

If you have strep throat you need to get proper medical treatment as it can lead to more dangerous diseases. You could get a strep throat test or take antibiotics.

Symptoms of a Sore Throat Caused by Tonsillitis:

  • bad breath
  • painful swallowing
  • voice changes
  • swollen lymph glands

If you have bacterial tonsillitis, you can cure it with some antibiotics. If you have viral tonsillitis, you must let the virus run its course so that it can be cured. Getting plenty of rest, eating cold, smooth, soothing foods and drinking lots of fluids can help both types of tonsillitis.

3 Home Remedies for Sore Throats

Drink Fluids:

Fluids help your throat keep hydrated. A dry throat makes it more painful. Avoid beverages like caffeine or alcohol, they make the throat dry out more quickly.

Gargle with salt water:

Gargle with warm salt water which can break down secretions and kill bacteria in the mouth. Take half a teaspoon of salt and mix it with a full glass of warm water. Do this every three hours.


Honey is a common house remedy for curing a lot of sicknesses. Research has shown that honey taken at night time for coughs can be more efficient than cough suppressants.

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